Mama Cacao

It feels like a natural flow of only being. It feels like the heart is whispering to you and you know exactly what you need to do. It’s the flow that flows through you without any effort. It flows like water, it comes like a light breeze.

When you feel like this while doing something it’s something deep - it could be your mission. Your soul has a unique gift that she carries with her into your beautiful body. 

I know one of my gifts since years - but the way to understand and accept it is not an easy one - and it needs a lot of patience, work and strength to continue the path. 

Mama Cacao can be a tool to look inside your heart and find out what is there to see, to hear, to listen to. She is medicine. Pure medicine. And because she helped me a loooot over and over again it’s such a pleasure for me to work with her as a medicine for others. She is working through me. She is doing her work - because it’s her gift what she wants to share with us. 

What is your gift? Don’t hold it back - maybe it’s really important that you start to see it and share it with others