Coming together with people, creating a room of a safe place to heal, to hold, to journey, to grow, to feel, to change, to transform.  There is a loooot of power that can come with creating such a space. We go into a process with an intention and this intention is the beginning of a celebration that we are doing together. 

A ceremony can be a place where darkness comes to light - where transformation begins. And maybe we fear the feelings at the beginning, maybe we fear what will happen. But when we start to flow with it and feel the support of the group of people around us, the circle, the leader, there can come this pleasure. This pleasure and this love and joy to feel. 

Fear holds us back so much, that we fear to come into our true power without conditions from outside. But when we start to surrender this fear, start to flow there can be a lot of joy to dive deep into the darkness of the unknown inside. Because we are held. We are held from the circle of the ceremony. We are held from our own breath. And deeep deeeep inside we are held from the universe that never let us fall into something. 

Maybe we will remember, that whatever will happen - we are still whole. We are still good. Our soul is still untouched. She is whole, safe, she will not die. And with this understanding there can trust takes place. And with this unconditional trust every door will be open. Everything is possible, because you know - you are still whole. 

A ceremony can open a door to a world that was closed to you - but it can happen in a place of feeling safe. And for me this safety is one of the most important aspects to dive deep and heal the wounds that wants to be healed. Without the safe space it is much harder to trust and without trust there is no surrender.