Thoughts about Self Love

Again I want to write about self love, self acceptance, self consciousness. Self love is not selfish. Self love is about to set healthy boundaries, accept yourself with your light and dark sides, accept your body, the things society don’t want to see as normal. 

You are perfect the way you are. NOBODY is perfect. We are all on our own way of growing, living, healing or maybe we decide to not heal. It’s okay. Because this way is a hard one, and maybe you are not ready or fear your own power. It’s okay. But maybe there is a little call inside and your life is giving you over and over again some signs that healing can be an option to feel better. But it’s a choice. A choice you need to make every day. 

When we start to heal and accept ourselves more and more there will be a big change. We are good with hanging around with ourselves, we are good with being alone. We hold ourselves in hard situation, we care about ourselves: how we eat, how we move, accept the signs and boundaries our body sends us - we are able to say no. We start to shine from inside our, we start to feel better and we attract people that are doing the same. 

With setting boundaries and listen to them we are also able to respect the boundaries of other people. When we know the worth of ourselves, we know about the worth of others - that don’t mean that we need to be friends with everybody, because there are still toxic people outside that you don’t want to hang around with, but you know deep inside they carry divine essence, the same as you. 

Self love is a process that will last you whole life. But when the process begun and you choose every day to fall in love with yourself, hold yourself, nourish yourself, heal yourself - you will see, there will be a change. And the change will be, that you realise that you are hold. And that you are whole. And that you are beautiful and perfect the way you are and that there is someone outside that will be with you whatever will come 

Self love means to feel

We numb ourselves over and over again because we fear feeling like pain, sadness, grief, anger etc. But with the decision to numb us and to don’t feel we lose a loooot of Energy. 

C. G. Jungs said, that when we hide our dark sides and try to put them back and be the good girl or boy we lose a lot of energy by hiding this dark aspects of us. Can you imagine how much energy you will get by accepting this aspect and not putting them elsewhere in your body to not see them?

When we try over and over again to controll a fire energy like anger our body will send us symptoms like gastris, problems with the lever etc. - so the Energy in motion (e - motion) is not gone, it’s still there only changed and try to express itself in another form. And it gets more and more and one day it will explode 

To feel and accept what is there, look under an emotion and go deeper into this darkness is an act of self love. 


Because you choose to know and accept the way you are - with all your emotions, all your dark sides, your shadows, the parts of you that others will judge. You stop to lie to yourself. You choose to feel to let the energy free and feel more lighter, because it didn’t manifest in another way - you are more healthy. 

And you will start to shine. You will come into your power. You get strong. There is no way to run away anymore. But it’s hard - because you know. You observe what is going on and that you maybe lie again to yourself. And that’s not possible anymore, because you see the f*** truth. 

But believe me. The choice to fall in love with yourself over and over again is connected with the choice to feel what is going on in your body. And it’s a choice you need to make everyday. But why you shouldn’t do? You are your only safety here in this life - so it’s better to be in love with you than to fight against yourself. 

You are beautiful - remember it. 

 Self love is a dance

When we feel uncomfortable in our body’s sometimes it is also because we don’t move anymore. We are stuck. Energy inside of us is stock. But when we start to move our body’s to a rhythm again, move our hips, our arms, our whole body’s - energy will be move again. Emotions will move again. These emotions that creates stagnation will move. And with this you clean yourself from inside out. 

We can dance ourselves in trance. We can dance ourselves into another dimension. We only forget how it workes. But the wisdom is still there. We only have to remember. It’s in our body and when we start to dance again to the deep old wisdom of music, the vibration of the drum, this old wisdom will come back and create magic.

There is a way of dance intuitive. There is a way without showing the outside how beautiful you can shake your ass. There is a way of expressing yourself through the primal way of the old animal deep inside of you. And when you remember this - you fall in love with yourself. You fall in love with this animal energy that you are. This animals that is completely free. That is raw, se*ual and wild. 

Self love can mean to dance with yourself like being in a bubble of your own individual energy. Your own medicine. Your body is your medicine - because it knows everything and it can get a channel for divine wisdom. 


Self love means to blossom

When we open our heart to life and to ourselves, open the door to forgivenesses we will change, we will blossom. This step to self acceptance is a big one and a life journey. It’s something you need to choose everyday. But it starts with the bigger picture of your life - this big puzzle that has all this little pieces that creates a big one. 

Everyday we can choose to accept, that we need to experience things in life to understand. We need to make mistakes, without the dark side the light is not able to shine - without darkness the light is not there. We only see the stars in the night.

Darkness makes us stronger, build us, train us and dive us deeeeeep into our unknown that is the most interesting. 

Do you feel the call of curiosity to dive deep into yourself? If yes, this choice is a choice of power. Because there is so much more inside. There is so much, that we can explore. There is soooo much capacity of growing into the one you want to be the whole time. Because you can. You can be, what you wish to be. 

We only need to choose. Everyday. Everyday we need to choose not to be a victim of our own life. We have to choose to accept ourselves and be with what is there and you will see, you will change. And when you start to love yourself, forgive yourself, trust yourself, hold yourself - there is this abundance and this deep deep trust of life that holds you that you can surrender into the wisdom of it.