The Power of Yoni Eggs

Our Yoni (Sanskrit for “temple” means the vagina) is the place where life will be created. The Yoni is a cosmic door for a new human. And at the same time it’s the place of love and wisdom. 

We mostly forgot about this beautiful place in our body and it’s wisdom and use it as emotional garbage bin - what is really sad. 

This means, that not only our emotional garbage but at the same time the garbage from our female ancestors can be stored here. And all our emotions and traumata we never healed and maybe some connections to men we made love with. Puh, that’s a lot. A lot that we carry with us and that makes life harder. 

What happens is, that we get numb and disconnected from our place of power, place of creation, creativity and also the energy of life itself. 

What can help us to heal our temple is to practice with a Yoni egg inside our vagina. 

The practice with the Yoni eggs has a lot of beautiful benefits:

 ☾ connection with our body and our place of wisdom and intuition

 ☾ lose numbness and coming back to feeling 

 ☾ more sexual pleasure 

 ☾ activation and softening of the pelvic floor (our root and place of life force - that also carry all our organs and womb) - and the obviate of incontinence 

 ☾ activation and support of digestion 

 ☾ support of the lower back 

 ☾ more sensitivity inside your vagina

 ☾ listen to her messages

 ☾ coming back to your power that is connected with your sexuality 

And in a shamanic ritual from indigenous mexican women with the obsidian Yoni egg that I hold, you can heal pain, abuse and traumata from your feminine ancestors line. That we carry mostly inside of us.