Dance in the Dark

Everything has two sides. We are in duality - every time. And this creates a separation inside of us. There is the side of light and the side of darkness. The conscious and the unconsciousness. The sun and the moon. The known and the unknown. Day and night. Woman and man.  

And all the aspects that are connected with the unknown, the darkness, the unconsciousness are scary for us.  We fear the Dance in the Dark. Because we fear Darkness. We think, that Darkness is bad, dirty, scary, primal, shameless. But what happens, when we start to only see it as it is? Dark. 

Our moon has also two sides. Sometimes she is full at the other time she is dark and seems empty, or better - not present. But she is there - we only can’t see her.

What happens when we start to get soft, or better grow in love with our own darkness. With the phases, where we want to be in solitude. The phases where emotions running like roller coasters. 
Its okay, it’s human. Everything is perfect.

But we fear the fear. We fear to fear. We fear to be sad. We fear to be alone. We fear to be not enough, to much, be ugly, be honest, be us. Be ourselves.

But you know what? The most inside of you is darkness. The most inside of you is unconscious. The most inside of you is the unknown. And it’s okay. You are okay. 

I love my darkness more and more. And fall back to hate it over and over again. But I choose to feel and this is why I need to do it fully. I choose to be human, not a robot in a matrix.